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Welcome to Moldbusterz, where health and safety take center stage. Founded by Amanda Rodriguez and in collaboration with a seasoned mold inspector with over 30 years of experience, Moldbusterz is more than a mold assessment and remediation service company specializing in protocol and state certification of clearance —it's a commitment to creating healthier living environments in Florida.

Moldbusterz was born out of a personal experience, a near life-threatening encounter with mold that fueled a passion for change. Amanda Rodriguez, our founder, faced severe health issues following a brief exposure to mold. Determined to prevent others from enduring similar challenges, Amanda's unique ability to detect mold through smell, coupled with her dedication, became the driving force behind Moldbusterz.

Our journey took a significant leap forward when we partnered with David Brodie, a renowned mold inspector boasting over three decades of expertise in mold assessment and remediation. Drawn to Amanda's story and her unwavering commitment, our partner shares the vision of keeping Florida's indoor air quality healthy and safe. Together, we bring a wealth of experience and passion to every project.

Why Choose Moldbusterz:

  • Expertise: Backed by over 30 years of combined experience, our team delivers expert mold assessment and remediation services.

  • Passion: Moldbusterz is driven by a passion for creating healthier living spaces, rooted in personal experience and a dedication to community well-being.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: From meticulous inspections to thorough remediation, we offer end-to-end solutions to address your mold concerns.

  • Healthy Home Guarantee: Our commitment goes beyond initial remediation, with annual mold testing and no-cost remediation in case of reoccurrence.

Moldbusterz invites you to join us in this journey toward well-being and safety. Together, we're not just removing mold; we're creating spaces where health thrives and safety prevails. Choose Moldbusterz for a healthier living environment.

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